Level up your security game
Intelligence-Driven Incident Analysis and Response Platform

Cybersecurity attacks are occurring with increased complexity and frequency and can no longer be addressed effectively with manual processes or traditional workflow automation tools.

Uplevelapplies advanced data science to aggregate and contextualize cybersecurity data from internal systems and external sources, extract meaningful insights and provide automation throughout the incident response lifecycle.

Comprehensive Scope
By centralizing relevant internal and external data and integrating with the existing security infrastructure, Uplevel enables collaborative, efficient response from prioritization through to remediation, and creates an actionable feedback loop as intelligence gleaned throughout the investigation process is pushed back into security controls.
Dynamic Intelligence
Uplevel enables continuous data enrichment from historical incident data and external threat intelligence to provide organizations with the actionable strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence needed to respond to attacks with speed and accuracy and adapt to ever changing cyber attack vectors.
Contextualized Analysis
Relationships between incidents, indicators, threats and targets can be as important as the individual data elements themselves. Uplevel’s Graph Intelligence preserves complete context associated with cyber attacks and applies advanced graph analysis for complete understanding of an organization’s threat landscape.
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