Job Titles in Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity offers many different roles and job functions. Jobs in this entry tend to offer excellent growth potential and the possibility to advance quickly in your IT career. This is because cybersecurity is a relatively new field, and it tends to focus on demonstrated skills and up-to-date knowledge more so than just years of experience.

This said, there are both positions that are highly-technical, and also ones that focus more on strategy and people management. Simply put, there are many different excellent career opportunities for both novice and advanced candidates in this industry, so long as they have the interest and willingness to apply themselves.

Ready to learn about different jobs in Cybersecurity? Explore some of the more common Cybersecurity job titles via our write-ups below:

We’ll be adding additional cybersecurity job profiles to this page shortly. In the meantime, you might also be interested in learning more about industry certifications to help you qualify as a strong candidate for various positions in this field.