The solution
A Sophisticated Platform for Informed Response
Manage incidents and
threat intelligence
Centralize alert, incident and threat intelligence data into one repository. Collaborate within and between teams, view workflows, and document actions within a single interface.
Orchestrate workflows
Automate customized escalation and investigation workflows by continuously enriching new alert data with internal and external intelligence. Strengthen defenses as you feed mitigation actions and rulesets back into security controls.
Assess and apply
threat intelligence
Transform threat data into actionable intelligence with custom scoring algorithms to assign confidence and severity. Create compound indicators and streamline processes by automatically applying vetted intelligence to historical and incoming alert and incident data.
Customize metrics
Create and monitor customized metrics to assess the performance and value of the existing security infrastructure and procedures. Dashboard and graphic views can be tailored for all levels of security professional from analyst to executive.
Apply advanced analysis
Generate a deeper understand of threats facing your organization by applying advanced graph analysis to your entire security event data set. Surface implicit and derived relationships between events, identify TTPs for potential threat attribution, and generate prescriptive remediation actions.
Optimize security controls
Manage mitigation rulesets to identify coverage gaps, evaluate appliance performance, and optimize indicator coverage without duplicating rulesets.
Integrate with existing
security infrastructure
Seamlessly connect your SIEM, detection devices, prevention controls, investigation tools, threat intelligence feeds, vulnerability scanners and asset management systems into Uplevel’s Incident Analysis and Response Platform.
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